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Welcome to Hage - IT support and web design based in Gloucestershire.

At HAGE we offer a variety of services and products including server installations and support, we provide support for computers and networks including all Microsoft operating systems, network switches, cluster servers, web design and hosting, dealing directly with businesses of all sizes.

However, we know all too well reading about a company and actually dealing with them are not necessarily the same! We pride ourselves on a professional, prompt and efficient service that we know is difficult to beat. Our employees are polite, knowledgeable and honest and it is vital to us at HAGE that dealing with us is a hassle free and productive experience.

Based in Gloucestershire, we try hard to ensure that from the smallest of enquiries to a fully installed networking solution, we will be there for you.

If you are looking for a website to start your business or update your existing site then give us a call to discuss your options.

Our IT. support will provide you a complete support package that keeps your business running.

Choose a specific area of our site from the menu options, or call us to get in touch.We look forward to hearing from you.

 IT Support Gloucestershire

What to know about Hage IT support

HAGE is an I.T consultancy company that specializes in finding solutions to your I.T problems and web design.

All of our engineers are MICROSOFT CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS and above and their job is to take the worry out of looking after all your company's IT and networking requirements. Our aim is to provide you with quality support whenever it is needed - on site and remotely - using our advanced network technology. Each customer has different needs, and we offer excellent service to cover all of these whatever they may be.

Here at HAGE we handle all areas of computing - from finding permanent solutions to those annoying everyday problems that we sometimes just 'put up with', right through to selecting, installing and maintaining a reliable computing network designed just for you. Whether you have one computer or one hundred, we can help.

Web design is one of the fast growing areas that we deal with, now that we have professional designers on our team who can produce all different types of sites to a very high standard.

We have the knowledge and resources to provide you with the latest hardware and software. Let us take the worry out of the job! We pride ourselves on our excellent service. Our goal is to keep your systems up to date and healthy - we will ensure your network runs efficiently and reliably.

If major problems do occur we will aim to have you back on your feet using our fast response team.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries

We look forward to welcoming you as a valued customer and building a long and close business relationship.

Let us help you to communicate.

Your computer network is the main communication line throughout your company, so it is essential that the network infrastructure we install is optimized in both performance and reliability.

In addition to outstanding technical support, HAGE supply the necessary hardware for your network. We can choose and install the right hardware for the job (from a network card to cluster servers) and can pass on the benefits of our partnerships with major manufacturers like DELL and Microsoft to name just a few.

If you have already purchased the hardware, then we will be happy to install and configure this for you, offering you a competitive after sales support package tailored to suite your business and pocket.

If you are running a small or large business communication is always needed.

Networking your computers in the office can provide many advantages to your company:

  • Fast transfer of files between computers

  • Automatic efficient backup of the company data

  • Internet access to all clients simultaneously as required

  • Office-to-office communication

  • Free telephone calls between offices!

  • Program sharing between clients from one set of data

  • Enhanced central network security to all servers and clients

  • Client remote login - access your company data to work from home

We can supply, install and maintain these systems. If you are not sure and need some advice then give us a call or drop us a line on the contact us page for help

 Why should you consider using a server and network in your office?

  1. Create a central and secure place to store business-critical data.
  2. Guard against data loss.
  3. Ensure network security, thoroughly and easily.
  4. Keep your business up and running.
  5. Access information from anywhere, anytime and any device.
  6. Improve team performance through enhanced callaboration.
  7. Increase sales and reduce costs by analysing and managing your business with line of business applications.
  8. Reach more customers and serve them better, all day, every day.
  9. Get up and running quickly & easily.
  10. Get a platform that is easy to grow with, today and tomorrow.

Many offices are set in old buildings where wiring through the building is not always practical, so Hage can offer you the option to go wireless, this will enable you to do all the above without the wiring, providing you with a SECURE wireless communication network.

Either wired or wireless why not give our networking team a ring to arrange a FREE visit to your company to work with you in providing the best for you!

We are increasing our product range continually so please contact us for the latest offers.


Professional web design for you.

Being in business usually means that an online presence is a good idea. A website is effectively a shop window to promote your products and services. It is also the opportunity to create an all important first impression to your potential clients.

We understand the importance of both the design and build of websites to ensure that the correct message is being conveyed and that your target audience is being reached.

Whether you want an online business card, an information giving website or something more sophisticated, we can help. If you already have a website and need some advice on next steps or simply want it updated, contact us

Template Websites

If you are looking to set up a website and you are working to a budget then why not try our template website, choose a template you like and we can edit it and change it to how you want it to look. This is certainly the best way to get a professional website at a low cost.

If you are not sure what template you should look for then give us a call and we can talk you through the different options available.

Please call us before ordering if you will be looking for us to edit your template.

Bespoke Websites


All our designs are individual and bespoke according to your needs. We will work with you to produce a visually appealing website that complements your brand and gives the right message. It goes without saying that a website should be easy to navigate. We keep the navigation simple and intuitive to ensure a hassle free experience!


If you require a more sophisticated website we have vast experience in database design and management. We can build a website that integrates with a database to ensure that data is stored, managed and retrieved easily. All we need to know from you is what the end result should be and we will do the rest!


More and more people are shopping online. To exploit this fact, we provide quality merchant and shopping systems with full back office maintenance to ensure your online orders are managed effectively. Embarking on this sort of website is not a cheap one so ensure that you have the custom to support such a venture. If you want an initial chat about the best way to approach an ecommerce site, give us a call!

Hosting and domain names

Your website deserves great web hosting

As one of the UK's biggest hosting companies, our industry-leading web hosting products and services continue to raise standards. Our web hosting plans are perfect for websites of all sizes, so whether you're building your first website, looking for powerful and flexible web hosting without limits, or advanced ecommerce hosting, we have a solution to make your website a success. Click here to see the special offer terms & conditions.

Our range of web hosting plans have been designed to suit all budgets and requirements, so whether you're looking for cheap web hosting or the ultimate in professional web hosting, we have something to suit. With web hosting from Heart Internet you can take advantage of hundreds of features including web hosting tools, generators and a huge library of one-click install scripts – all at no extra cost.

Our web hosting features include, but aren't limited to:

Web hosting without limits – Unlimited space and bandwidth means that, unlike with other web hosting, you've got room to expand.

UK web hosting - For many of our customers, UK web hosting is important for search engine listings and to appeal to UK-based customers. All our web hosting fulfils these requirements.

24x7x365 web hosting support – Whenever you have a web hosting question, our support team are on hand to help you with your web hosting account within minutes.

Web hosting on the go – Our iPhone control panel helps you manage your web hosting account whenever you are. Our web hosting control panel is also accessible via iPad and Android phones.

Web hosting tools – We offer one-click installs of a range of popular scripts as well as templates, generators, stock images and much more for cheap web hosting with all the benefits.


Dedicated servers

Advanced dedicated server technology built to the highest specification backed by Dell and Intel technology.

Start by choosing from either Linux or Windows dedicated server operating systems, and your choice of Dual Core or Quad dedicated servers processor. All Dedicated Servers are setup automatically once your payment has been processed. As your dedicated server hosting is automatically built for you with the operating system of your choice, you should expect your server to be available 30 - 60 minutes after you have placed your order. If you order cPanel it can take about 30 minutes longer while cPanel is automatically setup for you.

All our dedicated servers customers can manage their server on the go with our dedicated server hosting iPhone (and Android) control panel. All functionality is the same and the control panel has been optimised for the smaller screen and mobile access.


Search Engine optimization

There is not much point investing in a website if it cannot be found amongst your competitors. We construct web sites with the necessary code needed to appeal to search engines. Because Google and other search engines are constantly changing how their systems work, we have a close association with an optimization company who keep up to date with this information. For a further cost they can fully optimize your site, submit it monthly to all the search engines worldwide, closely monitor the positioning and make tweaks to keep it achieving a good result. If you would like to know more about this service, please let us know.


You may have heard this buzz word regarding web sites. It is now a legal requirement that all web sites are built in such a way that they appeal to anyone whatever their disability. The Disability Discrimination Act has provided this legislation and it is something we take very seriously. From day one we build our sites with the necessary code to ensure that it complies with both the DDA and also the W3C (a governing body on the web)

Copy writing

Writing for the web is very different than writing for a brochure. We know the difference and offer a full Copy writing service where we will work with you to achieve the correct tone for your target audience. Alternatively we can look at existing copy and rework it to be more up to date.


The worldwide web is a much nicer place when photographs are used. We have an inhouse image library to appeal to a wide variety of industries. We can also search for bespoke individual images if you want something that little bit different!